If you are a DiVA Portal customer and your using our OAI-PMH integration with the swepub_mods metadata prefix we’re able to configure your Explorer For Institutions instance to support reading a CSV file from an external service giving you the option to map papers from one department to that of another.

You might want to do this because your repository hierarchy is out of date, departments have merged or you want to simplify reporting. 

Using this documentation as a guide, you’ll just need to create a CSV file that matches our specification and then have it hosted somewhere publicly accessible ready for our system to consume.

The integration supports any HTTPS service which means that you’ll be able to use popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive or your own hosting infrastructure.

The OAI-PMH feed sync is scheduled to run weekly which means that we’ll update your paper mappings at the same time as your departments, research outputs and authors. Any changes to the file will automatically be processed by us and appear within the Explorer the next day.

That’s it - when you’re ready for us to start consuming this new endpoint please contact us at support@altmetric.com to let us know. We’ll then perform a few checks to get things tested before making the changes live.

So whether you are a new client currently in the onboarding stage or you’re an existing one looking to make some changes to your OAI-PMH feed - we’re here to help. If using a CSV file to map papers to other departments in the Explorer is something that you are interested in please feel free to reach out to us at support@altmetric.com and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.



Column header





This is the current name as it appears on the research output in the feed. This can be found under the XML tag name within record metadata. The element will have name of name and the attribute type set to “corporate” - see example below.



This is the new department name where you would like to map papers to. Once mapped you’ll find remapped papers in this new department within the Explorer.

  • All headers are required

  • All headers must appear in the exact order case as described

  • Only department names that require mapping are required

  • If using translations/renaming, the new destination department name must be supplied (not the original)

  • Destination departments must already exist in the hierarchy, either because they are associated with a previous paper or you have created a translation.

  • We recommend quoting values to ensure that the column count remains consistent


Below is an example of how a research output might look in your repository.

<name type="corporate" authority="lu" xlink:href="123">
    <namePart>Lilliput universitet</namePart>
    <namePart>Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten</namePart>
    <namePart>Sociologiska institutionen</namePart>
        <roleTerm type="code" authority="marcrelator">pbl</roleTerm>

Here we're mapping all the individual language departments to one Department of Modern Languages department. We could just as easily map departments that have been archived into their modern equivalents so that when we run a search/report we’re also including historic papers too. 


"Department of French","Department of Modern Languages"
"Department of Spanish","Department of Modern Languages"
"Department of German","Department of Modern Languages"