Symplectic Elements includes an option to set user profiles as Current (i.e. currently affiliated with the organization; this status can include both academic and non-academic users).

Explorer for Institutions can be configured to either:

  • Import All users
  • Only import Current users

If you would like to customize your existing configuration settings please contact

  • User status, profile type and privacy level settings work in combination. For example:

    • If Current users and Academic users are both selected, only those users that are both current and academic will be imported (as opposed to importing all current users, and in addition all academic users separately)
    • If Current users, Academic users and the Public privacy setting are all selected, only those users that are both Current and Academic, and marked as Public, will be imported
  • Changes to your Explorer for Institutions configuration will trigger a reset and full import of your Elements data. Depending on the size of your institution it may take several days to complete.