The search scope allows you to change how much of the Altmetric database your search query is applied to.

If you belong to an institution that has an integration you will be able to apply your search to just your own institution's outputs, saving you time by not having to filter outputs from the wider Altmetric database.

A full Altmetric database search allows you to apply your search query to all of the outputs that Altmetric tracks which will mean that you will find results that include outputs from other organizations as well as your own. 

Depending on the type of queries you regularly perform, you may want to change your default search scope to save yourself time by not having to change it each time you log into the Explorer. 

Changing your default search scope is super easy, simply navigate to the account settings page and select your preferred option from the drop-down menu and save the change. 

Alternatively, there is also text linked in the advanced search pop-over that will direct you to the account settings page.



The ability to change the default search scope option is only available to users whose Explorer for Institutions has an institutional integration (for example Pure, Elements, CSV or OAI-PMH), as they are the ones where we have data to offer the search scoping. 

For users without an integration, their searches will always be for the full database.