We've released a new search integration feature in the Altmetric Explorer that allows you to import search queries from Dimensions (Plus or Analytics only) into the Altmetric Explorer. Using this search integration, you’ll be able to run a publications search query in Dimensions, and then quickly view the corresponding attention data directly in the Altmetric Explorer.

You must first be logged into your Dimensions Plus or Dimensions Analytics account in order to use the new feature. If you are unsure of whether or not you have an eligible Dimensions account, please email the Dimensions Support Team at [email protected].


Step-by-step instructions

  1. In Dimensions, you’ll now be able to see a button that reads “See attention in Altmetric Explorer” (see image above).

  2. Run a publications search, and ensure that you only have 25,000 results or fewer. (Please note that if your publications search query has more than 25,000 results, then the button will be greyed out.)

  3. Once you have filtered your results down to 25,000 or fewer, you’ll see the “See attention in Altmetric Explorer” button light up! Simply click the button to view your attention results in the Altmetric Explorer, where you can drill down into the individual mentions, see attention data over time, and more. 


In the Altmetric Explorer, you can save your new imported Dimensions query into your Saved Searches, and the data will automatically update every day.