Tracking Dimensions citations


Altmetric ingest citation data from Dimensions on a daily basis. Citations appear in both Altmetric Details Pages and in the Altmetric Explorer. 


Dimensions extracts references between publications either from existing databases (such as CrossRefPubMed Central or OpenCitations data), or directly from the full text record provided by the content publisher. Reference extraction is not limited to journal items, but also includes citations from and to books, conference proceedings and pre-prints.


Beyond publications, Dimensions extracts references and links to grants, clinical trials and patents to allow users to gain a superior understanding of the context of a piece of research by eliminating the walls and separations between isolated data silos.


You can learn more about the Dimensions integration in Altmetric products here and more information about Dimensions can be found here


Dimensions citations on the Altmetric Details Page


On an Altmetric Details Page, the Dimensions Citations tab lists academic citations by time of publication in descending order with the most recent at the top of the page. 


You can view the publication title, the publication data and the source. The tab also displays the total number of citations received for the output. Clicking on a citation will send you to the Dimensions platform for detailed information.

Note: Citations don’t contribute to the Altmetric Attention Score and therefore are not represented by a colour in the Altmetric donut.

Dimensions citations in the Altmetric Explorer

In addition to the Dimensions citations tab in the Altmetric Details Page, you can also view citations data in the Altmetric Explorer, specifically:

  • The ability to sort research outputs by Dimensions citation count 

  • The ability to export Dimensions citation counts for research outputs to the Research Outputs CSV spreadsheet

  • The ability to view Dimensions citation counts in the Explorer API