News content tracking


Altmetric's manually curated collection of news sources captures mentions in real-time, as long as the posts contain a direct link to a research output or the necessary information for text mining. 


It's important to note that we don’t automatically track all available news sources online but instead a manually curated collection of sources -- particularly reputable sources likely to refer to research outputs.


We started tracking attention to news outputs in 2011 although most news attention you will see in the Altmetric database starts in 2012. Once a news source is indexed in our database, our tracking system will receive all future posts mentioning research outputs through its API or its RSS feed.


How do I ensure news mentions are picked up by Altmetric?


Make sure that:

  • Altmetric is tracking the news source

  • The posts that mention research outputs include the direct link to these outputs and/or the necessary information for text mining


Suggesting a news source to be indexed


You can suggest a news source to be indexed to our database by completing this form, you’ll need to be able to provide the following information: 

  • Source name

  • Source homepage URL

  • An example URL of an article mentioning a research output from this source


Once we receive the form, we will consider the source for inclusion in the Altmetric database. 


The News tab on an Altmetric Details Page


On an Altmetric Details Page, the “News” tab lists news posts by time of publication in descending order, with the most recent ones available at the top of the page. You can see which source posted about the research output and the content of the post. 


The News mentions also appear as red in the Altmetric donut.