Book data is available in the Explorer but requires the book index to be turned on. The book index is a separate product you have to subscribe to, please contact us for more information. 


There are several ways to search for book attention in the Altmetric Explorer. You can search by unique identifier, author, or by book DOI prefix.


Searching by a single unique identifier


The Explorer lets you search by ISBN. Paste your ISBN in the Quick Search bar and you will be given the option to search by ISBN. You can also search for a book's PMID, DOI, or any other identifier this way. 


Searching by multiple identifiers


To search for multiple book identifiers you will need to use the Advanced Search. Click "Edit Search" at the top of the Explorer screen. Once the pop-up opens, click on "Search by scholarly identifiers". Then paste in all the identifiers you'd like to search with. 



Once you've added your identifiers, click “Save”. This will bring you back to the Advanced Search. From there click "Search".


Search by DOI prefix


Often publishers assign DOIs to their books along with ISBN/eISBN. You can then search by the publisher's unique DOI prefix in the Advanced Search


For example, if you are searching for Routledge Handbooks, you can use their DOI prefix 10.4324 and select Books and Chapters in "Type of output".



Searching by publisher


You can also search for books by publishers. In Advanced Search type in a publisher name in the box that says "Publisher Name". To make sure you only get Book and Chapter content select "Books" and "Book Chapters" and then click "Search".