Books tracked by Altmetric can have two different types of Altmetric Details Pages as described below. 


Books Details Pages 


Altmetric Book Details Pages are generated for books that have a unique identifier (ISBN, DOI, handle, PMID etc.) and are hosted on a publisher domain tracked by Altmetric.



Enhanced Book Details Pages - chapter level


Enhanced Book Details Pages are created when Altmetric sees attention to book content on tracked domains with assigned chapter level identifiers (e.g. DOI) and this has been enabled by the publisher. This also includes the book tables of contents and chapter-level attention.





The Enhanced Book Details Page includes a Book Overview, which displays all of the attention we’ve collected for the book, and links to book chapter details pages that display all attention paid to a specific chapter


Book Details Page Features


Regardless of whether or not there is chapter-level attention all book Details Pages contain: the Altmetric donut, "Mentioned by and Readers on", the summary tab, attention specific tabs, and the option for email alerts.




On the left hand side the Altmetric donut contains the Altmetric Attention Score.  The donut itself is made up of different colours, which represent different types of attention for the output. The more colours appear in the donut the more types of outputs have recorded attention about the output. 


Cover Page


Where possible, Details Pages will show the cover page of the book being tracked if this has been enabled by the Publisher. If the cover page is unavailable, a placeholder with the appropriate book title will be generated. 


Mentioned by and Readers on


This list provides a snapshot of the current attention associated with the output. It shows the number of mentions or readers for every type of attention that has been received so far. 




The summary tab contains general information regarding the paper. The title, where it was published, its publication date, the identifier associated with the output (DOI, Pubmed ID, handle etc.), and the author(s)' name(s). The summary tab also contains a visual representation of the location of X users and Mendeley readers who are sharing the output. It also contains the "score in context" that presents the relationship between this research output and ones written regarding the same topic, published by the same organisation, and/or published at the same time. 


Attention specific tabs


Each type of attention has its own tab. The tab is created once attention has been seen. The mentions are sorted by time, with the most recent mention being at the top. More details about each tabs can be found here.


Alert me about new mentions


You can set up email alerts to tell you when a book has been mentioned by clicking on the "alert me when this output is mentioned" button on the details page. This allows users to track the ongoing attention associated with a research output. Whether it is that of a researcher, or simply an item of interest, anyone can stay up to date on any output tracked by Altmetric.


If an article hasn't been mentioned, it will still have a Details Page if it has mentions, such as Mendeley readers, that don't count towards the overall attention score a details page without additional tabs will be created.