The Altmetric Bookmarklet is a free browser tool for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox that lets you easily find out how much attention that recent papers have received online. 


Click the Bookmarklet’s “Altmetric It!” button, all of the altmetrics data for that paper will appear on the right side of the page.

Adding the Bookmarklet to your browser


To install the Bookmarklet, all you need to do is visit this page and register. Then drag the “Altmetric It” button to your bookmarks bar, and you’re all set.


Using the Bookmarklet


First, the Bookmarklet shows you the Altmetric donut, which is colour-coded according to which sources have mentioned the article. 


Inside the donut, you’ll see the Altmetric Attention Score for the paper. The metrics are displayed below the donut: here, you can see how many times a paper has been mentioned in various sources, such as social mediamainstream news, and blogs. You can even see the number of readers who have saved the paper in their online reference managers


With the Bookmarklet, you’ll also have direct access to the Altmetric Details Page, on which you can find out exactly what has been said about the article.


If it’s a new paper or just hasn’t seen much attention yet use the “Get email updates…” link in the bottom left hand side to sign up to an email alert whenever somebody mentions it online.


Visit our Bookmarklet FAQs to learn more. For our full terms and conditions please click here.